SaltSpring Exercise Therapy provides a broad range of therapeutic services to a wide scope of individuals in a variety of locations. Some of these include: postural assessments, rehabilitation & movement re-training immediately following trauma, stroke recovery options, pre & post surgical preparedness, chronic pain management, sport/activity specific training.

Rainbow Road Aquatic Center - Salt SpringBruce Grey - cycling, training outside

The base of operations is the Treatment Studio situated @ 122 Lakeview Crescent in Ganges behind the High School & just a short stroll thru the woods to the Rainbow Road Aquatic Center. The purpose built, stand alone building has been placed with a southern exposure in a quiet, idyllic setting amongst the trees & garden.

The Rainbow Road Aquatic Center is the site for hour long, one on one HydroTherapy treatments for a variety of maladies. The near weightless environment allows for a multitude of movement opportunities that aren’t possible in a dry land setting, therefore encouraging the rehabilitation or training process.

For those requiring a weight room setting, North End Fitness has been my Gym of choice for over 20 years. Conveniently located in the downtown core, it has a bright, friendly atmosphere with all the pre-requisite machines, free weights, and cardio training equipment.

Home Visits are an option for those individuals that are unable to leave their residences due to age or seriousness of malady.

Outside, or as we call it, “The Real World” is a favorite training locale with endless opportunities for movement & interaction with nature & all it has to offer. Cycling, walking, paddling, roller blading, soccer, tennis, you name it…