Active Rehab

Movement is the Key.

During the initial, acute phase of an injury to the body, the treatment program centers around RICE. Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation. This is meant to address the mechanisms of the body that kick in when trauma has occurred such as swelling, edema, inflammation etc. to stop movement and protect the body from further damage.

Bruce Grey - active rehabilitationDepending on the severity of the trauma, the next treatment modality is careful, sometimes tentative movement. The body will once again step in to inhibit this by turning off the ability to recruit muscles above & below the affected area. By encouraging good movement in the rest of the body, the opposite side, and whatever limited Range of Movement (ROM) is possible near the site, a return to normalcy is forecast.

The movement training parameters can include options such as: progressive vs aggressive, rotary, non-weight bearing, pool based, gravity only, concentric vs isometric contractions, and including the breath as a tool to improve focus and help being more at ease in one’s body.