Bruce Grey - Hydrotherapy

Bruce was initially introduced to the concept of HydroTherapy in Victoria 1984 by the founder of the program, Wes Byrnell. He later moved on to be involved as a therapist in Wes’s well respected and long established water-based clinic, Benefit in Motion, located at the Esquimalt Pool. Bruce has incorporated pool based therapy as a treatment modality since the construction of the Rainbow Road Aquatic Center in 2008.

He is a firm believer in the potential healing properties of a water based program as it represents limitless opportunities for the young or aging, competitive or sedentary, physically fit or injured, mentally fit or compromised.

The near weightless environment of exercising in water is an ideal medium for all ages to rehabilitate & manage a broad range of maladies while experiencing movement & mobility without the impact or force of gravity on one’s joints.