Performance Training

As a widely experienced  human movement specialist and wellness coach with a broad educational and sporting background (ie. hockey, soccer, judo, triathlons, baseball, kayaking, road & off-road cycling and rugby at a very high level), Bruce is able to employ a variety of methods to assist individuals in attaining their fitness goals.

Bruce Grey - performance trainingThis could include: resistance training in the gym, plyometrics on the playing field, fartlek training @ the track, hill repeats on the bike, power skating with roller blades, flat water race pace paddling, or challenging balance postures in the studio. In striving for peak performance these are some of the key elements in the search for your genetic potential.

With a progressive manageable program, it is crucial to have an awareness of the importance of good nutrition, ample hydration, increased flexibility, sufficient rest, injury management, and recognition of psychological implications during the committed training process.